Jewelry to Inspire and "Make You Smile". Everything here is made with you in mind!

I've always wanted to do something that inspires me in turn would inspire others. I am a Ordained Minister, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and a Certified Spiritual Counselor. And I love love love jewelry (Makes Me Smile). Made my 1st piece of jewelry when I was about 12 and still have it today.

So with my history of the above my jewelry is totally Heaven sent. I am inspired by Spirit.

I bless, cleanse, clear and energize every piece. It then comes to you with its story of how it was born and sent in a very special package.

The materials I use are semi precious stones, glass, pearls, silver, bronze, brass and pewter. Jewelry I make is fun, whimsical and will make you "SMILE."

So the last thing I (Make Me Smile Jewelry) would like to tell you all about is a special bracelet reading I do. You would tell me a little about yourself and I would then make a Healing Bracelet for you and only you w/a reading. (Like an angel card reading,although your reading would be typed out. An esoteric reading of the stones used.) This bracelet works like magic helping you with healing(mentally, spiritually and/or physically) in your life and/or helps you with attaining or, letting go....very magical it is indeed.
Thank you for checking out Make Me Smile Jewelry hopefully you will find some pieces to inspire you, always to "MAKE YOU SMILE" :)

"He who works with her hands is a laborer"
"He who works with her hands and her mind
is a craftsman."
"He who works with her hands and her mind
and her heart is an artist."
St Francis of Assisi

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